Another of my favourite authors – ever since reading a well thumbed paperback edition of “Troubles” many years ago. First published by Jonathan Cape in 1970, the book was adapted for Television in 1988 and won the Lost Man Booker Prize in 2010.  A couple of years back I paid quite a large sum for a VHS copy of the film (208 mins) from the USA but it has since been released on DVD. “Troubles” is set in Ireland in the period 1919-21 during the War of Independence and takes place in and around the crumbling Majestic Hotel  (a metaphor for the crumbling British Empire) and its equally decrepit retainers. The owner and his guests  try to remain aloof from the growing chaos in the surrounding countryside. A dark comedy is the best description and I’m not going to reveal the plot – read the book first and then watch the movie.

My Fontana paperback is fit for the bin and I am in the market for a 1st edition and narrowly missed a bargain on eBay tonight – £161  and the cheapest, for an inferior copy, on http://www.abebooks.com/ is a staggering £1,600

More on J.G. Farrell tomorrow…


Well, tomorrow was a long time coming but at last I have a moment to add to this blog. After putting it off, and putting it off, I finally took the plunge this week and bought the boxed set of “Troubles” on audio CD – brand new on eBay – and a snip at £10.72 (incl.p+p) as against the usual £26/30 +. Now to get a quiet  weekend to listen to all 300 minutes!

TROUBLES CDS——————————————————————————————————————————————

4th July, 2013

I enjoyed the “Troubles” audio book so much that I splashed out this week and bought a used audiobook CD set of “The Siege of Krishnapur” – another bargain at only €11.00. It hasn’t arrived yet but I’m really looking forward to it as I enjoyed reading the book. The third book in the so-called Empire Trilogy” The Singapore Grip” – hasn’t appeared as an audio book yet which is just as well as it gives me time to read my print edition.



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