Guillemot Lightship dispersal sale – November 2012

At the end of November I popped over to Waterford to view Keighery’s (City Auction Rooms) sale of the residue contents from the ill-fated “Guillemot Lightship Maritime Museum”. It turned out to be something of a wild goose chase as several of the best items had been withdrawn due to ‘official’ intervention. However, despite the withdrawals, there was still plenty of interest in the sale.

Among the museum’s rare and interesting contents that went under the hammer was the large Guillemot bell, binnacle, shipping lights, mast heads, old photos, paintings, maps, charts as well as model ships, old cork life jacket and oil skins, antique driving boots and porcelain lifebuoys. There was also a fair amount of rubbish in the sale and I was surprised to hear that the total realized was in excess of €16,500. A sad end to yet another failed Irish preservation scheme!

waterford 001

The Guillemot’s bell which sold for a paltry €500!

waterford 003

An interesting board – presumably from the Commissioners of Irish Lights HQ in Dun Laoghaire – showing the disposition of various lightships. Withdrawn prior to auction.

Commissioners of Irish Lights plaque

Above what would have been the star item in the sale, an ultra rare plaque – far more impressive than my poor photo indicates – which was carried aboard CIL vessels. Withdrawn prior to auction.

New outing for the “South Goodwin” lightship

My second Christmas present to myself. No prizes for guessing where this was lifted from, but I couldn’t resist and the resulting large format postcard, poorly reproduced below, is a gem. Limited to a private print-run of 20 for the time being until I can sort out copyright issues.

South Goodwin 002

“South Goodwin” lightship by Holger Koppelmann.

New Lightship ephemera!

My own little indulgence this year – well one of two actually – is my 2012 Christmas card. Using artwork very generously supplied gratis by Clive Sweetingham of the World Naval Ships Forum and the services of Vistaprint – a job well done. Sure to become  a sought after item!

Christmas Card 003

North Goodwin Light Vessel from a Christmas past

Another of my recent purchases from is this souvenir of a Christmas 1975 goodwill visit by an RNLI boat to the North Goodwin Light Vessel – a snip at just €2.68 including p+p. Hard to believe it’s almost 37 years old and as fresh as the day that it traveled out to the light vessel.

Chinese Junk?

I have always been a collector of ordinary, every day items of ephemera that I can relate to and when my local Chinese Takeaway recently closed down, I was in the right place at the right time. Last weekend when I popped in for my usual – King Prawn Omelette & Chips – I came away with a brand new Canon printer as a bonus. While delighted, I said that I would rather have had the electric “Open” sign from the window – ‘no problem, come back when we’re closed‘ I was told. When I did, yesterday, there were further goodies awaiting me including the three Japanese ladies pictured below – and the takeway’s clock! Thanks Christina & Joe – gone but not forgotten!