Men of the Lightship (1940) now on YouTube

By strange coincidence the Men of the Lightship film that I referred to in my post here

was uploaded to YouTube on the 28th December, 2012. A British WW.II. propaganda film concerning the bombing and sinking of the East Dudgeon lightship on January 29th 1940, and the crew’s attempted escape.

Interestingly the video makes a point about the gentleman’s agreement that had existed between the warring parties that lightships would not be targeted but omits to mention the WW.I. sinking of the “Guillemot” lightship off Arklow by German submarine in March 1917. I will come back to this topic at a later date.

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  1. Such a superb and moving subject. Tragic, and criminally unforgivable event. Remarkably good production values. Should still be used today as a historically significant document.

    Another excellent feature film on the value of Lightships is “Das Feuerschiff” written by humanitarian German Siegfreid Lenz.. This 1963 b/w Film stars Brit’ James Robertson Justice, as the Lightship’s captain. Also known in America as “Crime on the High Sea”. It’s tragic this film is now almost never seen. Watch out for it…find it if you can!


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